About Ecobox

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Who are we?

We have been engaged in manufacturing and selling packaging for over 15 years. Our company’s production complex is located in Kohila, Estonia in the former territory of Kohila Paper Mill.

The two fundamental pillars of our company’s business activities are green product development and comprehensive packaging solutions.

Our main target areas are manufacturing and trade.

As a market-driven and customer-oriented company, we are constantly looking for new opportunities for cooperation in both local and international markets.


To be an internationally recognized environmentally friendly packaging manufacturer.


To be a flexible, reliable and fast company with efficient management and satisfied workers. To provide our customers with environmentally friendly and comprehensive packaging solutions.

How do we work?

We adhere to the principle that packaging should be like a good tailor-made suit. We value each client and their needs. We also try to standardize and optimize all of our working processes and keep the management and administration simple and intuitive for our clients.

Creating your solution

The creation of a new packaging is a process that requires both creativity and innovative thinking, as well as discipline.

Analyzing, improving and creating your packaging solution is both an art and a science. We implement a variety of models and practical development opportunities in order to develop appropriate solutions for your needs.

International scope

We understand that in today’s world, local activities are not enough for providing successful solutions. Our company has years of experience of cooperation with packaging companies from different countries, so we can offer our customers solutions based on international production experience and know-how. We are a company that combines international supply chains and production capacities. We collaborate with various companies in neighboring countries:

  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Finland
  • Sweden