EcoBox has participated in northern Europe’s largest packaging trade fair

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For the first time, EcoBox OÜ has taken part in the international packaging trade fair ‘Scanpack’ held in Gothenburg. Scanpack, held every three years in October, is northern Europe’s largest packaging event. The fair is an excellent opportunity to find new partners and see and experience the latest events in the thriving packaging market. Scanpack is a major destination for anyone operating in the fields of packaging production, logistics, and use. In the words of the organisers of the fair, Scanpack offers a glimpse into the future of packaging. Packaging is a promising field, because the demand for various packaging materials and solutions is growing at an ever-faster pace thanks to the development of e-commerce and courier services.


Ecobox’s environmentally friendly exhibit attracted considerable interest

EcoBox’s booth received many visitors over the four exhibition days. We did not actually have to do much to draw interest – our exhibit itself was enough to bring interested spectators to our stall. We got to introduce our company, show visitors everything we have achieved so far, and talk about our plans for the future. We were open and approachable, we answered questions, offered candy, gave away pens with our company’s logo, and handed out brochures about EcoBox’s work. No doubt fairgoers were also intrigued by the large and diverse selection of packaging we had on display. Interested visitors were given the chance to try out our products for themselves and hear more about EcoBox’s innovative packaging solutions.

Visitors were especially excited about the furnishings of our booth: honeycomb cardboard shelves, an armchair, and information desk. Feedback on EcoBox’s exhibit was positive: people were thrilled by our environmentally friendly and natural products as well as the fact that we offer a very wide range of packaging. As we well know in the packaging sector and from what we saw at the fair, many companies are narrowly focused on a single standard group of products. EcoBox’s competitive edge is, in contrast, its wide assortment and flexibility– we are oriented toward the client’s wishes and can offer each partner a fully tailored solution, and we even offer a packaging solutions development service.


A closer look at Scanpack

Based on our first trade fair experience, we can clearly state that our environmentally friendly booth design and direct communication style have both proven successful choices. We wanted our small booth to be cosy and welcoming, so that our visitors would feel comfortable and at ease.

EcoBox’s Scanpack debut was a success: we exchanged contacts with a number of potential partners and clients, and got to show the packaging world what an Estonian company can truly achieve.

This will not be EcoBox’s last trade fair either – we have every intention of being back at next year’s Scanpack. The importance of the chance to participate in Scanpack for any packaging enterprise cannot be overstated. To give a better understanding of the scale and importance of the event, here are some statistics about Scanpack.


Scanpack 2018 by the numbers:

  • A total of 463 exhibitors participated in the trade fair – half of them from Sweden and half from abroad.
  • The fair was visited by 16,500 people from more than 30 countries.
  • The fair grounds covered a total of 18,000 square metres.
  • Some 70 seminars and 80 presentations were held at the fair.
  • Demand for booths was very high: exhibit spots for Scanpack 2018 were sold out half a year before the event.


Northern Europe’s largest packaging fair, Scanpack, is also one of the largest trade fairs in Sweden. Scanpack is always attended by many world-famous companies, including Carlsberg,Mitsubishi, Volvo, H&M, Ikea, Johnson & Johnson, Husqvarna, Lego, and Fazer.

The first Scanpack packaging trade fair was held as far back as 1964.


Attention to environmental issues

In addition to displaying innovative packaging technologies, materials, and design trends, another major part of Scanpack is the packaging, recycling, and environment-related seminars and presentations. One of the hottest topics this time around was climate-smart packaging.

Our team also attended a number of intriguing presentations. One of the most memorable ones discussed how the whole world is now looking for environmentally friendly solutions, and what those solutions might involve. Another presentation that stuck with us discussed environmental pollution, more specifically, marine life, whose bodies are now literally filled with plastic. Meanwhile, a third gripping presenter sought the answer to the question: how can we both reduce the amount of packaging already in the environment and use less packaging in the future.


Eco-friendly packaging

Based on the presentations and what we saw at the fair, we were happy to conclude that EcoBox has taken a firm step  in the right direction. As our company’s name suggests, ecological production is one of our top priorities. The need for ecological materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, and material recovery is self-evident to EcoBox. At the same time, the fair also gave us many new ideas on how to develop our products and processes to offer our clients even better and more effective packaging solutions.

If you are looking for a suitable casing for your goods for delivery or storage, we offer ecological packaging made in Estonia. Contact us by e-mail at